Milgo and Milbar is chef Moti Titman FIRST AND ACCLAIMED RESTAURANT.
CHEF TITMAN works to create a modern Israeli food that incorporates his unique interpretation of international cuisines, focusing on the highest quality local ingredients, native to the land and continuously striving to stay one step ahead of new culinary trends. Moti presents his work in the epicenter of Tel Aviv culture: on the corner of Rothschild Boulevard and Marmorek Street, directly across from Habima Theatre, the National Theater of Israel.
The restaurant itself is set in a former upscale residential house that was built in the Bauhaus style that marks classic Tel Aviv architecture from the 1930’s. The interior concept is the work of architect Roy David, who designed the place based on clean, minimalistic lines that mirror the food and dining experience. The music was carefully chosen by Ben Ring the restaurant’s owner and mainly features soft jazz segments meant to entice the guests's appetites.The overall guest experience at Milgo Milbar is “light-hearted” despite the extremely high attention to detail in each dish—essentially making upscale cuisine accessible.



Chef Moti Titman

Chef Titman Has spent many years in various kitchens across the country and around the world, from Berlin and Strasbourg to New York and London, but the one he has learned from the most is Chef Raphael Cohen from Raphael restaurant in Tel Aviv. After more than a decade in the kitchen he started school at FCI international culinary center, where he learned all about the art of baking. He then came back to Israel to present the city of Tel Aviv with his own precise version of cooking.

ליד מוטי טיטמן בדף אנשים



In each and every dish of this menu you can feel Titman's touch,
who took the liberty of getting lost in a world of tastes, colors and textures.
With Nave Solomon's wine list, every plate coming out of the kitchen is being paired with the right glass of wine.



מלגו ומלבר

Rothschild 142, Tel-Aviv |  972.3.6314214